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Welcome to Agape Costa Rica, and Sally Rice Psychic Website Sally is a Certified Psychic Medium based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. A psychic and shamanic healer, Sally provides in person and remote healing sessions, psychic readings, and spiritual counseling. “My work as a psychic medium is deeply connected to the Divine, and from here in …

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Do Demons Exist?

Most everyone has their own opinions about whether demons are real, or not.  Literally every culture throughout history has made reference in one way or another  to these dark, supernatural, scary beings. But are they real? Do demons really exist?

According to a recent US poll, 45% of the population believes in demons and ghosts.  That’s a lot considering it doesn’t include the percentage of people who are on the fence, with “undecided” answers.

Does He Love Me? How to Find True Love

People reach out to psychics for insight into all matters of life.  But by far, the most common question clients ask is: “Does he/she love me?” It’s true.  All people really care about is finding love, and then keeping it. Love, and everything about that subject, is the number one topic most people want to …

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Arthur Findlay College, The Original “Hogwarts”

Ask any psychic medium about Arthur Findlay College and immediately they giggle with excitement.  Located just an hour north of London, Arthur Findlay College is the world’s foremost college for the advancement of psychic science. It’s no surprise that it is popularly referred to as the original “Hogwarts.” But, only if you ask a psychic …

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Discovering Your Life Purpose

As a spiritual being having a human incarnation, the day you ask “What is my purpose in life?” is a transitional moment of divine spiritual awakening! Perhaps it will happen when you are young, as it did for Lady Gaga. Or you might have to wait until you are 78, which is when the divine inspiration came to the famous painter Grandma Moses. Regardless of when it happens, know this: You can’t avoid discovering your life purpose. You can’t mess up this part of life. Discover your life purpose here.

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