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Origins of the Psychic Gift • Tamarindo Costa Rica

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Origins of the Psychic Gift:  “How did you know you were psychic?” Sally Rice is a psychic medium based in Tamarindo Costa Rica. She describes her memories of life beyond the veil, and how she discovered her gift as a medium. Sally describes her memories of being across the veil, and the soul contract she …

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Shamanic Insight in Times of Social Unrest

   In Times of Social Unrest Think of a Waterfall… Think of massive pounds of water weight, dumping into a pool of water, and how that force disrupts the water molecules inside. Suddenly, still crystal clear water that looks like glass, that is unnoticeable to the human eye in its stillness and transparency, is disrupted …

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New Year Consciousness


Listen: Rain Cabuya All of us, single molecules of water swimming in the sea of humanity, all uniquely perfect, different, but swimming in a dream space together in an eternal undulating current that is our evolution. No room for racism. That’s like dropping black dye into the crystal clear waters of the human God Spirit.

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