How do Psychics Predict the Future

Sally Rice is a psychic medium based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. In this video Sally shares some amusing stories about Predictions, and what it’s like to receive information from Spirit. While psychics are able to “see” events in others lives, it’s often difficult for psychics to see inside their own lives. Sally explains how psychics decipher psychic impressions, and why it’s important to trust your gut instinct.


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Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about predictions and how I experience them. I’m often asked if I can see the future, or certainly during readings when people are asking questions about the future, I want to make sure that I’m giving them the right information. I thought I would just share with you a little bit of my personal experience with predictions, how they feel; not necessarily how they happen to me during your reading, but how they come to me regarding my personal life, because I’ve had a few that are a little interesting and I wanted to share them with you.

Where to begin? Let me just start with environmental predictions. Now, as a psychic medium, I feel things, of course, but every psychic is different. We all have our own different thumbprint in terms of how we see the universe and how information is transmitted to us; but as a member of Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory and also Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, we tend … Psychics, we tend to get together and communicate how we see things, so I want to share with you some of the key elements of predictions.

Regarding earth events … for example, earthquakes or tsunamis, events like that … it’s very specifically centered around the ears. Often if there’s going to be an earth event, then we will start to get ringing in the ears. Sometimes it happens in one ear for an earthquake. If it’s water oriented, it might ring in the other ear. Each psychic is different, but we all have this similar sensation that comes to us through our ears.

Information for predictions can come in many ways, not just through the ears, obviously. We can get dreams. For example, one event that happened to me when my children … This is very banal, but it still is a good illustration. When my children were young, we were on a trip in Canada. I had nightmares one night about the trunk of my car. I had no idea what it was related to. In my dream, I was very frantic about something with the trunk and I didn’t know what to do. I was panicked. My children were there. I saw the whole scene. Then the next morning when I woke up, after we had breakfast, I accidentally lost the keys and found that I had actually locked them in the trunk, so my dream was actually about my little mishap with the keys. Now, that seems very innocuous, but it still is a form of a prediction.

On another occasion, still related to a car, I was very worried every time I got into my vehicle. For months, months, I was worried about something relating to the car. I didn’t know what it was, but every time I got in, I just had a very uneasy feeling. Then one day when I was driving my three children to a reunion for my college, we were traveling behind a vehicle on the freeway. Suddenly the vehicle slowed down in front of me, almost to a complete stop. The driver then leaned over, opened the passenger door of his vehicle, and dumped a body onto the road.

That was a shock, to say the least, but immediately when I saw him dump the body out of the car, I knew in my heart, oh, that was it. This is the event that I have been dreading. It immediately came to pass. When you actually get into the moment, into the real time of the prediction, your body feels an immediate relief and release of the energy. That was nice to know that that event had cleared. A lot of things happened for the rest of that, which I don’t need to go into. The man was eventually captured, thanks to our help, but that was sort of an interesting prediction.

Another one that I had was, of course, one that I did not share with a lot of people except close friends, and that was the election of the president and Donald Trump. I was predicting him being president a good year-and-a-half before he came to office. I didn’t say that to a lot of people except my close friends, and then of course that came to pass.

There are other predictions I’ve had. I don’t want to waste your time with them right now, all the details, but I just want you to know that we do have a sense of timelessness when we’re looking at events. Perhaps you can tune into your own intuition and pay attention to any little gut feeling you have because you too are psychic and I’m sure you have predictions of your own that can come to pass.

Talk to you again soon. Thanks for visiting Agape Costa Rica.

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