Psychic Reading Example

Because I understand how difficult it can be to find the right psychic medium to fit your needs, I wanted to provide a sample reading to give you an opportunity to hear what kind of information can be delivered from your Spirit team during a cold reading.

Please keep in mind that no two readings are alike, and each individual will receive a reading that is as unique as your fingerprint. In order to help you with your decision on whether a psychic reading with me (Sally Rice) is right for you, here are a few examples of a ‘cold’ reading. That means the sitter, or client, provides no information other than a first name. I hope this helps you with your decision.

Most important of all, I only work with the Divine realm. Only Light and Love energy is invited into the sacred circle of the reading. I do not deal with demons, nor do I even believe in them. In my lifelong experience with Spirit, there is only Light, Love, or its absence - as in “out of the light.” You will not receive information other that that which is for your highest and greatest good.

In these psychic reading demonstrations, Sally provides a session for her client who has provided a hat (literally) full of first names scribbled on small pieces of paper. It is pretty clear what the sitter’s intentions are in choosing this method for her reading.