Twin Flames in Life and Death

 What Happens When Your Twin Flame Dies?

No one likes to talk about Death, but it’s the biggest fact of Life. Perhaps the most horrible death experience is the loss of a child.  Closely following, and one of the most difficult deaths, is the loss of a lifelong partner. Poets, philosophers and even scientists have attempted to describe the profound love between two souls. But words fall short when we try to define the ethereal nature of true love, and the powerful, eternal bond that exists between twin flames.

I will love you forever.

Researching  the grieving process and the nature of suffering, I found great encouragement. There is abundant scientific evidence now available to support reincarnation and the soul contracts among twin flames separated by death. The numerous studies I uncovered shed light on why some couples who have been separated by death on the earthly plane reunite within a few months. Often the spouse left behind dies during this time frame.

The soul, trapped on the earthly plane following the death of a loved one, can tell the body to follow their partner to the other side. Now, we have the science to support this seemingly supernatural ability. Studies on reincarnation also help us understand the complex nature of the Soul and how two people can become co-dependent in their journey from here and beyond.

Popular and scientifically reputable magazines including Psychology Today and Scientific American report on this phenomenon – the ability of life-long partners to die within one year of each other – often without any medical ailment beyond the heart’s ability to shut down.

Oneness is the Foundation of A Soul Connection

Soul Connection flowers There is ancient wisdom rooted in the awareness of the soul’s ability to stay connected. It is the same wisdom that the ancient mystics and shamans have been sharing for centuries. This “eternal connection” is the foundation of the new global paradigm emerging: The concept of Universal Oneness.  Everything and everyone is divinely connected to one source, one energetic field.  It is this eternal connection that the twin flame left behind taps into when their loved one transitions.

The new thought/ancient wisdom idea of Oneness automatically incorporates reincarnation in its definition. That’s how the eternal Soul evolves. It’s a beautiful plan, an excellent design. Twin flames shall be forever connecting and re-connecting in this world and in worlds beyond. It is divinely written in the soul contract.

The University of Virginia produced strong evidence supporting reincarnation based on clinical studies spanning decades.  Reincarnation is a natural part of the soul’s evolution. It is therefore comforting to understand this divine truth when we lose our partner. ‘Knowing’ you will be reunited on the other side is a lot more reassuring than just ‘believing’ it might be true.

love hand gesture This collision of science and ancient wisdom helps us comprehend  how the soul contract works – especially regarding relationships involving twin flames who die at the same time.  How does that happen? What is it in the human body that allows the soul to transition following the death of a loved one? The answer lies in the heart. The heart contains ancient wisdom and the roots of consciousness. The heart is coded with your soul’s evolution and destiny. In fact, consciousness resides in the heart, not in the brain.

The Birth and Death Contract

Each one of us has an entry point and exit point from this lifetime which is predetermined by your soul contract. It’s a perfect design  that you created before you incarnated here. Yet knowing there is a divine design, (which there is) doesn’t make the grieving process any easier. Losing any loved one can take its toll on your health.  It’s important to listen to your body during the grieving time, and allow ample time to process the pain. Healing from a broken heart is unique for each individual. For a twin flame, the loss of a partner might even be life threatening.

married coupleThe Widowhood Effect

The condition known as “the widowhood effect,” reveals spouses have a 66% increased chance of dying in the first three months following their partners death. These statistics are based on a 2013 study of 12,316 participants followed for over 10 years. The results, published in the Journal of Public Health were conservative with 66%, considering previous study showed a 90% increased risk of death following the loss of a partner. After the first three months, the risk of death drops to 15% according to the 2013 study.  Men and women are both equally susceptible to the widowhood effect.

A 2008 National Institute of Health study examined more than 370,000 elderly married couples in the United States. This research found that within the first three months after one spouse dies, the chance that their partner will also pass is between 30 and 90 percent.

According to the University Hospital Science of Health Blog:

“The death of a wife correlated to an 18 percent increase in mortality for men, while the death of a husband correlated to a 16 percent increase in mortality for women.

In a recent article from the Harvard School of Public Health:

It’s unclear what causes the increased death risk from losing a spouse. “It’s possible it’s a grief-related mechanism, or that providing care for the sick spouse causes illness in the surviving spouse, or that, as one’s spouse gets sicker, the surviving spouse stops taking care of their own health,” said senior author [[S V Subramanian]], professor of population health and geography in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at HSPH, in a November 14, 2013 Reuters article.

The widowhood effect has the medical community divided regarding its nature and cause. Yet, the spiritual community is fairly clear on what’s going on. We are spiritual beings with profound power and wisdom, and as One, two souls can travel together through lifetimes. It is the eternal soul connection between twin flames. Nothing can extinguish the fire of true love.  Deep connective tissue binds the twin flames in a unique journey through multiple lifetimes and dimensions. This is true love in action. It is the miracle of the circle of life.

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7 thoughts on “Twin Flames in Life and Death”

  1. I am a twin flame, and have been on this journey for 31 years, both of us reaching for each other and a physical union. He just died 3 weeks ago, and this article is unsettling. Ive been in soul shock and grief like nothing i’ve experienced, but i have two young children and reading this makes me worry. I have no idea what to do, and i’m trying to find my twin but i can’t. i can’t feel him anymore, perhaps because my grief is too thick. I wish i could find him.

    1. Hello Dear Sabrina,

      I wrote you before but did not hear an answer. Losing someone is always painful, but don’t be unsettled by the strong connection between twin flames. The connection is eternal and nothing to fear, although grief is profound and that alone can be really scary. Please let me know if I can help you. But continuing to research and study the eternal life and twin flames is very productive even during this hard time.

  2. I don’t know how to be without my twin flame. We were close for 7 years through recovery and he lost his battle with addiction. I stayed sober and am grieving, trying to find a way to stay connected to him.

    1. Hello Kelly,

      There is no pain like grief, and the time it takes to heal is different for every person. Stay connected through conscious dialogue with your twin flame, and know that this moment is but a grain of sand in your soul’ evolution. You are eternally entangled with your soul mates, twin flame, and soul tribe. Peace be Still….

    2. Hello Kelly,
      I’m sending love and healing for your heart during this difficult time. I’d like to answer your question: “how to stay connected” in a video response because it’s so deep complex. But briefly, when a loving twin flame crosses, it can take awhile for the one left behind to feel and connect to the energy across the veil. But I promise, even though you say “I don’t know how to be without my twin flame..” you will learn to connect! Because that’s what we humans are capable of. But it takes time, and there is no guide book…kind of like parenting. But learning to connect to Spirit, in all its forms, is literally human nature. It is a hard road to hoe, but you will be, and already are, thriving and growing like a beautiful flower unfolding. I bless you on your journey and will address your email question in one of my online videos available on youtube and on my website under the blog category. Love and Light to you Kelly, and peace in your heart..

  3. I had a twin flame connection with a wonderful lady but she sadly passed four months ago at times I feel the the pain of losing her is overwhelming I know I’ll never meet anyone like her again some days I still cry so much over her I just wish I was with was with her again. I’ve lost other people in my life but never felt anything like such a profound devastating sense of loss. I just want to reconnect with her. Any tips to ease this feeling please

    1. Hello Marc,
      There is no cure for grief, and in my experience and belief the act of grieving is as divine and holy as the act of love, for it is the same…We only grieve the ones we love, and the quality of our grief is equal to the quality and quantity of our love. Like a scale, love on one side, grief on the other…it balances out.
      The idea of handling loss and heartbreak is linked to each person’s connection with Spirit, and the understanding of what is indeed Eternal. Knowing that this life is a micro second, and that indeed you will be united with your twin flame soon, is ultimately the greatest truth that we can hold onto, while we journey through our classes in Earth school. Some days are easier than others, and over time you will find peace. I’m happy to help you connect if ever you need a session. Blessings and Light, comfort in your heart Marc….

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